our expertise

Securities Trading

We provide services from initial Public offerings, Secondary placements to Private placements, and also conventional buying and selling of shares in the secondary market.

We offer all our clients, Institutional investors, High net worth individuals, Retails the following products and services to achieve their investment goals:

  •   Basic Stock broking Account
  •   Nominee Accounts
  •   Asset Management Account

We also offer other Share Registration services which include:
  •   Share Certificate Management
  •   Transmission of Shares
  •   Handling of Registrars related issues

Basic Stockbroking Account

  •   This is the basic account for individual and corporate investors
  •   Minimum account opening balance is N100,000.00

Nominee Account

  •   This is an account for high net worth individuals and professionals who require active management and independent monitoring of their portfolio
  •   Quarterly portfolio review
  •   Minimum account opening balance is N5,000,000.00

Asset Management Account

  •   This is the basic account for high networth individuals, professionals, institutional investors and pension fund administrators that prefer discretionary portfolio management
  •   Minimum account balance is N50,000,000.00
  •    Management fee of 1% of gross value at year end
  •    Quarterly portfolio review