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Asset / Portfolio Management

FSL Asset Management is a leading asset manager for institutions, individuals and financial institutions. Our investment professionals are well poised to provide strategies that span the full spectrum of asset classes including equity, fixed income and real estate. Our Asset Management product involves an investor entrusting his money to us as his professional portfolio manager. We offer the investor cost-effective ways of choosing among a wide variety of diversified portfolios spanning the risk-return spectrum. We become the custodian of the investor’s capital usually with full or joint discretion as to how the funds are invested in the various Asset classes.

Target clients

  •   High Net worth Individuals
  •   Pension funds
  •   Highly mobile professionals
  •   Trusts
  •   Institutions


  •   Minimum account opening balance of N50million. Account is operated as Nominee Account in the CSCS
  •   FSL is responsible for collection of interest, rentals and dividends; liaison with the Registrars and CSCS, processing of certificates of capital importation where required and other administrative functions
  •   Quarterly portfolio review
  •   Management fee of 1% of asset payable quarterly in arrears but subject to meeting exceeding specified benchmark