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Our Background
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Our Background

FSL Securities Limited is one of the foremost Investment Banking firms in Nigeria. We commenced operations in 1990 to carry on the business of Investment banking and securities trading. FSL Securities Limited is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), a participating institution of the NASD OTC Securities exchange and is both an ordinary and dealing member of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). FSL is equally accredited as a Designated Adviser to companies on the ASeM Board. Our registration with SEC is to enable us perform the following functions: Broker/Dealer, Issuing House, Portfolio management and Venture Capital.

The company offers a wide range of financial services which includes but not limited to:

  Stock Broking

  •   Securities Trading
  •   Nominee Services
  •   Investment Advisory
  •   Portfolio Management

  Issuing House / Financial Advisory

  Asset Management

  Venture Capital

  Insurance Brokerage Services

FSL Securities Limited was recently appointed by The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as a Designated Adviser (DA) to the Alternative Securities Market (ASeM) Board, after a very rigorous and competitive process. FSL is also an active member of Association of Issuing Houses of Nigeria (AHIN). The company has a subsidiary that is an active player in the Insurance brokerage business.

Our products, which traverse Securities trading and Financial market services are borne out of more than two decades of experience in stock broking and Asset management and an intense desire to meet specific needs of different categories of clients. Our success is founded on our long track record of helping private clients, institutional investors, companies, and trusts, pension funds to create and manage wealth.